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Traditional Tavern
"The Keri lighthouse"

In 1994 we established our taverna, in the area called “Faros” in Keri. We are determined to promote the traditional cuisine of Zakinthos and the hospitality which exists among the Zakinthian people.

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So from the first day of opening until today we offer the traditional dishes of Zakinthos, which are cooked with the old traditional ways using local meat and vegetables most of which come from the farms of Zakinthos and are grown organically without scientific and technological interventions.
Thus our food is cooked in ovens which work only with oven rakes. Even our grandmothers have already forgotten how to cook using these traditional ovens.

Our specialities include the following:

Stuffed Chicken
Stuffed Rabbit
Stuffed Pancetta Pork
Meat pies with four kinds of meat and vegetables
Aubergine pie with vegetables
Lamb in oven

Here are some other dishes we offer:
Rabbit in red sauce or oil and oregano dressing
Lamb with oil and oregano dressing
Local rooster and spaghetti with tomato sauce
Pasticcio, Mousaka, Sea food, Fish and whatever everyone likes to eat.
Our homemade bread is made with 8 kinds of flour and yeast. It is baked in our oven with oven rakes and it looks like religious bread.
Our milk pie (galaktompureko) made of goats milk is excellent.

Our wine cellar contains the best wines of Zakinthos.
Thus it is not accidental that we are the number 1 choice for traditional food in all the tourist guides of Zakinthos.
Now if you also add the excellent view, a wonderful garden with hundreds of flowers, colours and perfumes, with a musical fountain, a playground, a trellis and sunshade, stone tables, good music and a hall with a bar and a fire place; you will definitely want to dine here!
You can enjoy your food 150 meters above the blue sea under the pine trees with a view of the two rocky islets which are called "Mizithres" and you can spend unforgettable nights savouring dinner under the moonlight, with candles and romantic music listening to the sound of the sea and crickets.

You will definitely find this the best tavern in Zakinthos with an excellent service, following all the rules and regulations of hygiene and the standards of HAACP, with an official licence for our Greek Cuisine which comes from the Greek National Organization of Tourism.

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